About LifeForce Medical Institute

LIFEFORCE Medical Institute is a unique diagnostics and treatment facility that uses leading-edge technologies to greatly enhance how clients look, think, feel and perform. A consummate leader in age-management and healthy aging, LIFEFORCE specializes in maximizing the body’s ability to function and perform at peak levels (regardless of age). Based in the Chicago area, LIFEFORCE is dedicated to giving clients greater control over their health and greater power over how they feel, perform and age (rather than being helpless victims to the aging process).

LIFEFORCE combines a prevention-driven, multidisciplinary medical approach with astonishing breakthroughs in anti-aging to maximizing their clients’ health and wellbeing and revitalize their lives.

Our philosophy:

There is a reason why (healthy) 30-year olds look and stay healthier, feel better, heal faster, have more strength, energy, stamina, sexual satisfaction, and more… it’s because of their unique physiology. And we can duplicate this physiology in you through a customized protocol designed specifically for your body.

Aside from offering basic, common sense advise, most physicians provide little more than ‘Band-Aids’ to cover up or treat the ‘symptoms’ of aging… however, LIFEFORCE replenishes your body with a highly customized formula of hormones and other crucial nutrients (that were once produced by you) allowing your body to once again operate and perform as though it were 30 (not just superficially, but clear down to a cellular level).

That’s our goal…to help you think, feel and perform at the accelerated levels of a healthy 30-year old, regardless of your true age. The fact that research indicates that this program may extend your life by a decade or more, is just icing on the cake.

How does LIFEFORCE differ from others in our field?

We have the most up to date testing and evaluation tools available; we can detect body composition changes in as little as 4 weeks, rather than taking many months.

It’s a partnership with a highly trained team of experts in health and fitness who are deeply focused on your wellbeing.

It’s a membership to an exclusive community of successful executives who refuse to ‘age gracefully’

We not only treat you with the greatest of skill, we also resource you to the best of the best in related fields, such as stem cell therapy.

Although there are others offering Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Age Management programs, very few are in the Chicago marketplace, and they are not as comprehensive or as intimately supervised by a medical director as experienced and credentialed as Dr. Rosenbloom.

Our HRT program is more thorough, including screens and treatments for thyroid and adrenal dysfunction and more. It also includes more options for men than most others.

We are more holistic, managing more areas of your health and wellness, ranging from gastrointestinal, autoimmune, and heart health to sleep management.

Even our nutritional supplements are fully customized to fit your exact profile and needs. And the supplements we offer are leading edge, and thereby more effective. Our supplements even enhance athletic performance. Few if any others can make these claims.

LIFEFORCE Medical Institute and its age management systems for men and women have been featured in the following media:

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