LIFEFORCE Medical Institute Anti-Aging Services

What We Do:

Using anti-aging breakthroughs we:

Revitalize how you Look, Feel, Perform and Live!

How We Do It:


We combine leading edge technologies, comprehensive testing, evaluations and one-on-one interviews to learn everything possible about you, your body and your ultimate goals for health, fitness and life… in order to determine the most effective approach to creating your ideal body.


This often includes the combined use of pharmaceutical-grade supplements, dietary consultation, custom support programs, and bio-identical hormone optimization (such as Testosterone, Thyroid Hormone, Growth Hormone and Insulin).


Our highly personalized, proven approach is evidence-based and results-oriented. All clients are closely monitored by our board certified, high-performance oracle and healthy-aging visionary Dr. Mark Rosenbloom MD (featured in Chicago Tribune, The Sun Times, and others).

We have a ‘Weight Loss Program’ with multiple tried and true weight loss interventions, including optimal diet, fitness, hormone optimization and adjuncts such as HCG.

We have a ‘Special Needs’ division providing additional support for those with significant medical illness such as Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Crohn’s Disease, and Breast Cancer survivors.

We have a Sleep Evaluation Program for assessing and treating those with undiagnosed Sleep Disorders.

We offer a multitude of options, allowing our clients to custom tailor the exact regimen for their individual needs, such as opting for more or less support and assistance or coming in for more frequent evaluations when on accelerated weight-loss or body sculpting programs.

LIFEFORCE Medical Institute and its age management systems for men and women have been featured in the following media:

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